About ConfiAd

About ConfiAd

Dear customers,

We have been manufacturing

100% acrylic adhesives ("ConfiAd Seamless Joint Adhesive") and

acrylic epoxy adhesives ("ConfiAd Color Adhesive") specifically designed for surfacing products such as solid & quartz surfaces and natural stones since 2000.

We supplied adhesive products as a private label under the name of “Staron Adhesives” to Samsung for its Staron solid surfaces line. 

Until now, we’ve been supplying our adhesives to more than 78 countries under the label of "ConfiAd" worldwide and being actively applied to over 50 different brands of surfacing products.

We believe such accomplishments and recognition stemmed from the following features of ConfiAd Adhesives:

1) Unparalleled bonding strength (over 3,000 psi of butt joint flexural strength, modified ASTM D790)
2) Non-comparable, perfect color matching references amounting to over 1,080 and covering almost all major sheet brands in the world.
3) Various options on curing time applicable to any temperature or moisture of any season or region with the fixture time of 8-60 minutes at 71.6˚F (at 22℃).
4) Smooth sanding that could minimize your exposure to fine dust.
5) Unprecedented shelf life, which generally doubles those of the products manufactured by other manufacturers.
6) Zero-defect quality resulting from unique production processes and methods.
7) Exceptional work efficiency resulting from the advanced properties.

We are confident that ConfiAd Adhesives save our customers significant labor costs by drastically enhancing work productivity. Furthermore, we have no doubt that ConfiAd Adhesives will remarkably enhance the value of the surfacing products to which those are applied, thereby elevating the reputation of the products in the market.

John N. Kim

CEO / President