ConfiAd Cartridge Types are 50ml, 75ml, 250ml and 490ml, which fit most major national brand dispensers.

ConfiAd Colors have been selected to coordinate with all major national brands of Solid surfaces and imported brands of Solid surfaces (both acrylic and polyester) and Engineered Stone.

ConfiAd offers excellent adhesion to all types of the aboves, fast curing, invisible seams.

A standard gun applicator is available for the mini-cartridges (50ml) and standard hand held manual mix guns and pneumatic mix guns are available as well as static mix nozzles (250ml).

Item / Type
Cartridge (50ml/75ml/250ml/490ml)
Rapid Medium Slow
Working Time/72(22) 8~13 min 11~16 min 25~30 min
Fixture Time/72(22) 16~21 min 22~30 min 50~55 min
Operating Temperature Max 248(120)
Gap Filling 0.12inch (3mm)
Sandability Excellent
UV Stability Excellent
Heat Stability Excellent
Mixed Specific Gravity 1.20
Flash Point 50(10)
Shelf Life 2 years

Flexural Strength

(ASTM D790)

3,200 psi (220 kg/㎠)

Compressive Shear Strength (ASTM D905)

3,000 psi (210 kg/㎠)
Mix Ratio by Volume (ml) A : B = 10 : 1
Mix Ratio by Weight (g) A : B = 10 : 0.9
Viscosity cPs 73(23)

A (24,000 ~ 34,000)

B (9,000 ~ 15,000)