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ConfiAd Adhesive, a product of Confid, Inc. and also labeled as “Staron Adhesive” in many other countries, will be  exhibiting at ICE on October 20th -22nd at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. This is the first exhibition for Confid, Inc. as an U.S operation company which launched in June.

Confid, Inc. has been manufacturing adhesive products since 2000 as a private label under the name of “Staron Adhesive” to Samsung for their Staron solid surface line. “Currently, we have 87 standard colors available in the US, and we can easily cover 90-95% of any sheet brands that are out there already,” said Sean Yoon,Confid, Inc. president. “ConfiAd Adhesives are labeled as “Staron Adhesive” in more than 60 countries and as “ConfiAd Adhesive” in more than 30 countries”, Sean added. Confid, Inc. currentlycarriestens of thousandsConfiAd Adhesives cartridges in the States including 75ml, 250ml, 485ml, and its accessories.

ConfiAd Introductory Special Program launched! ConfiAd Adhesive has just launched its introductory program. Simply, just sign up for the program during or after ICE. When it’s approved, you get a free adhesive cartridge on your opening order (Additional saving options available through this program). For more inquiry on this program please or call toll free 855-885-2800.

More on ConfiAd Adhesive

ConfiAd Adhesive offers superb adhesion including all types of solid surfaces, quartz surfaces, and polyester. We care about the environment too. All ConfiAd Adhesives are phthalate-free and provides a 2 year shelf life and longer if keep refrigerated. ConfiAd Adhesives gives plenty of color options from its 340 available colors, and they all match consistently with outstanding and seamless performance. For more information on ConfiAd Adhesive, please visit or call toll free 855-885-2800.

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